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For three months in the fall of 2010, I was in Juba, South Sudan teaching a Certificate in Broadcasting Journalism course for Sudan Radio Service. I taught a class in radio production to young Sudanese ranging in age from 19 to 31. In the three months I was there, they learned how to use a microphone and recorder, how to structure a story, and to digitally edit a radio story.

They worked amazingly hard and the audio clips you can hear here are samples of what they produced.

Until I arrived in September, most of these young men had never used a recorder. A few had never used a computer before. But, by the end of three months, they produced sound-rich documentaries on a range of topics.

To listen, click on a title. To download the MP3 file ,right click on the title and choose " save link as" and choose a place on your computer to save it to.




    Maker Ajack Alier

     Sonic ID - Stone Chipper   
     Documentary - Life in a Dinka cattle camp

      Lokoya Ray Owira

    Documentary excerpt - Environmental issues in Juba

    Majju Hillary Bruno

     Sonic ID - Bartender
     Documentary excerpt - Fighting HIV in Juba (audio not available)

    Evaristo Ravo Christopher

     Sonic ID - Cleaner
     Documentary excerpt - Educating Girls

    Nathaniel Daniel Dunyo

     Sonic ID - Volleyball Player
     Documentary excerpt - The Dollar Marriage

    Sworo Charles Elisha

     Sonic ID - Tailor
     Documentary excerpt - The Role of Music in Peacemaking

    Monoja Anthony Ezibon

     Sonic ID - Water Carrier
     Documentary excerpt - Bush Meat

    Ali Mohamed

     Sonic ID - Driver