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Athens to Marietta


Sound Tracks is an audio tour unlike any you have experienced. It's a tour of what you see along the road today and of  Route 550 as it once was. You travel along one of the earliest routes in Ohio - Route 550 from Athens to Marietta, and as you drive you can LISTEN to its history.

Local residents give you a first hand account of the area's history as Cultural Geographer Hubert Wilhelm discusses the architecture along the route.


MP3 Athens to Marietta 1.  From the junction of Routes 13 & 550 to Route 329.


Athens to Marietta 2.  From Route 329 to the Athens - Washington County Line.


Athens to Marietta 3.  From the Athens-Washington County Line to the Barlow Rest Area. 


Athens to Marietta 4.  From the Barlow Rest Area to Route 7 near Marietta.

Marietta to Athens


Marietta to Athens 1: From The junction of Routes 7 & 550 to the Barlow Rest Area.


Marietta to Athens 2: From the Barlow Rest Area to the Washington-Athens County Line.


Marietta to Athens 3: From the County Line to the junction of Routes 550 & 329.


 Marietta to Athens 4: From the junction of Routes 550 & 329 to Route 13

                 Sleight Brennan